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Finally back home after a 2 week solo trip to Berlin.  A purely indulgent holiday treat for myself and an opportunity to explore my kink curiosity and yearning.  I have been aware that a ‘darker side’ of me existed for quite some time now but I never allowed myself to really give into it.  I couldn’t imagine a better city than Berlin to begin my exploration… having met some incredible people and experiencing the most profound and pleasurable moments of my life, both emotionally and physically, during my visit.

On my days off, I enjoyed exploring the beautiful city and its surrounds, by foot and utilising it’s efficient public transport system. Spectacular Christmas Markets and with snow beginning to fall towards the end of my trip, this was as close to having a ‘White Christmas’, as I’ve ever experienced.

I pre-booked the following workshops being held at SCHWELLE 7 :

arm bruise

My gift becoming more beautiful…with each passing day.

* BDSM & BREATH by Marina Kronkvist & Felix Ruckert: 25-29 November

* Berlin Kinky Unconference: 30 November

* Two tailored sessions, with Caritia and Steven James aka DasFalke – Licentious Behaviour 

Fire and Ice 6

Fire & Ice Session with Carita

Witcher Teeth

A very special birthday gift given to me by a very special person.


Schloss Sanssouci -Potsdam

Berlin Xmas

Christmas Markets – Alexanderplatz


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