Morgana Muses is the creative director of sex positive production company Permission 4 Pleasure

Hello, I am Morgana. I was born in Sydney and I have lived a conventional life filled with extraordinary experiences.


NYC 2016

As a first generation Australian female born to European parents, my upbringing focused strongly on how a ‘good woman’ should behave in private and in public. Becoming a wife and mother was considered to be the ultimate achievement for a woman. Sex and all related pleasures were never discussed. It was expected that those ‘matters’ would be taught in the confines of a marriage.

Things did not work out that way for me.

In 2012 at the age of 47,  2 years after leaving my sexless marriage, I decided to embark on my journey of sexual exploration and learning.

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Duty Bound – My First Film Watch now 

It was in 2012 that I first read about Petra Joy. Petra is an internationally acclaimed feminist porn filmmaker who produces erotic films from a female perspective.

I had an immediate sense that Petra was a kindred spirit urging me to unshackle my past and giving me the permission to release my voice within that was screaming to be heard.

“I would like to inspire first time female film-makers to take control, get behind the camera and share their female perspective of erotica and porn with us. My wish is that this award will help to make more female fantasies visible and more female erotic film-makers seen and heard!” — Petra Joy

And so my first ever film “Duty Bound” was conceived. I wrote, produced, performed and entered the short film into the 2012 Petra Joy Awards  Then, despite my lack of confidence, Duty Bound was judged the winning entry.


PJ Award

I found the whole experience to be liberating and empowering. Winning the award and the overwhelming positive response I received gave me further motivation and inspiration to continue producing erotic films. Rather than viewing my new journey in life as a mid life crisis, I consider it to be a belated teenage rebellion – one that I never had the opportunity or courage to undertake at the time!

In 2013 I collaborated with Director Anna Brownfield, making Music Box and then in 2014 A Call for Help.

Towards the end of 2014 I had an idea about how to celebrate my approaching 50th birthday. I decided to commission the fine rope artist Garth Knight to create a piece of art for me. With me as the centerpiece. We documented the process and our award winning documentary It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly If I want To  was born. We premiered it at Cinekink, where it won Best Short documentary.

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It’s My Birthday – Morgana Muses

In 2015, I decided to explore my love of BDSM in I Am Whole (which also premiered at Cinekink) Mid year 2015 I  flew to Paris and on a whim created one of my most enjoyable films, Having My Cake which was originally going to be about me eating cake and masturbating, until Bishop Black got in touch and we made something so much sweeter.   Rounding off 2015, we shot three films in Berlin, Breathtaking, Ritual and Worship and The Kissing Whip.

Permission 4 Pleasures mission statement is to create beautiful documents of my own and others sexual exploration, through short film, documentary and experimental formats.   You can read about our up coming projects and my adventures here!

You can find out more about our films here, stream or download content here or check out more about us here.


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