‘BREATHTAKING’ Our first film shoot in Berlin.

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It’s a wrap! Our first shoot in Berlin is done!

‘Breathtaking’ new for Permission4Pleasure in 2016.

The two day shoot in the beautiful surroundings of our location was more like a friends weekend away. In some ways it really was as we are all close friends. Berlin turned on a breathtaking sunset the night before the shoot as we had a drink to celebrate our friendship and first collaboration.

A film exploring breath play was  filled with so many ‘firsts’ for me. This wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have the utmost trust in my co-performer Caritia and in Josie as cinematographer, to handle shooting such an intimate and personal scene.

Judging by some of the rushes, I do believe that the final edit of the film will be visually breathtaking!

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