Permission 4 Pleasure mission statement and ethical framework.

This is a reduced, public version of the performer/collaborator  information pack we have assembled. We are making this public, and following the great lead of fellow feminist production company Bright Desire to work towards a more transparent system of engagement within the industry. 

  1. As a company that produces explicit, sexual based content we are committed to providing a safe work environment for all our cast and crew.
  2. Permission 4 Pleasure complies with 2557 Record keeping requirements 
  3. We keep our collaborators informed about their role as well as make ourselves available to clear up and resolve questions or issues.
  4. We like to create a positive, happy atmosphere and have a laugh on set. We usually shoot with 2-3 crew.
  5. Payment and paperwork are sorted at the start of the shoot unless discussed otherwise. We will also feed you and make you comfortable over the course of the shoot.
  6. We talk to our performers extensively ahead of time. From everything about their performance to sending through our performer kit which details transparently what they are agreeing to, their payment and what is expected of them. There are no surprises.