“High Heels Are Pleasure With Pain”- Christian Louboutin.

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It was in the final years of my sad and lonely marriage that I developed a designer shoe buying addiction. Each new purchase gave me a momentary high of happiness that I desperately craved for. It wasn’t too long before an unhealthy pattern was established.  The high of searching, ordering and receiving a new pair of shoes, would turn into a low shortly after delivery. I began to feel ashamed and guilty about ‘wasting’ money on such a personal, frivolous and unnecessary item but I just couldn’t stop. Most times, I would barely look at the new pair before storing them away, never to be worn. Thankfully, although I still love shoes, my urge to buy them stopped shortly after leaving my marriage.
Louboutin and me
Today, I had a sudden urge to open up some of these boxes of shoes and try  them on. It was  wonderful to discover, that the pain the ‘addiction’ had caused me in the past was replaced with the pleasure of thinking what exciting outings these shoes were going to have…finally…with all of the new and wonderful people that have come into my life.

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