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Award winning short documentary detailing the transformative journey of Morgana Muses. Through BDSM, spiritual and philosophical discussion learn how at 50, Morgana Muses decides to give herself the ultimate birthday gift. She grants herself permission to indulge and enjoy life.

The film culminates in the gift that she has commissioned to commemorate her 50th birthday. A milestone she once believed she would never reach, let alone celebrate it in style.

Interviews with Morgana Muses and rope artist Garth Knight are wound together with incredible, cinematic footage of the ultimate birthday gift.

Screenings and Awards

Won Best Documentary short at Cinekink 2015
Screened at MANIF 2015
Official Selection ECU – Paris 2015
NACHTSCHATTEN festival 2015
Nominated Feminist Porn Awards 2015

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Cast and Crew

Directed by: Isabel Peppard
Shot by: Josie Hess, Isabel Peppard and Shane K
Edited by: Josie Hess
Written and Produced: Morgana Muses

More about Morgana:

As a first generation Australian female born to European parents, my upbringing focused strongly on how a ‘good woman’ should behave and appear, in private and in public. Becoming a wife and mother was considered to be the ultimate achievement for a woman. Sex and all related pleasures was never discussed but considered as something to learn and conduct in the confines of a marriage.

In 2012, at the age of 47 years and 2 years after leaving my marriage, I decided to embark on my journey of sexual exploration and learning.
It was in 2012 that I first read about Petra Joy, an internationally   acclaimed feminist porn film maker, producing “erotic films from a female perspective”.  I had an immediate sense that Petra was a kindred spirit, urging me to unshackle my past and giving me permission to release this voice within, that was screaming to be heard. And so my first ever film “Duty Bound” was conceived….writing, performing, producing and submitting the short film into the2012 Petra Joy Awards and ultimately being judged the winning entry. Read full story

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