Taking an age positive stand

Photo Courtesy: The Headshooter

I make age positive, sex positive films because that is what I believe we need to see more of to help break down the taboo of who is allowed to be sexy.

For nearly my entire life I tried to be the dutiful daughter, wife, mother and member of  the community – all at the expense of my personal happiness and pleasure. At age 47 and 2 years after leaving my loveless and sexless marriage I realised that I hadn’t had the opportunity to explore my sexuality and enjoy my body. During my personal journey of discovery, one which led me to start writing, performing and producing erotic films… I found myself facing  many classic stereotypes and taboos that society and much of the porn available, attempts to impose on sexuality, particularly for people in the 40+ age group.



Photo Courtesy: The Headshooter


I want my films to act as a reminder to myself and others that there is no expiration date on our sexual pleasure and journey.

I hope to provide a voice and encouragement, to give ourselves permission to pursue and explore pleasure, that we are all deserving and entitled to…without shame, guilt, ridicule and judgement attached.

– Morgana Muses x


Ice Queen in NYC 2015



Flying in Ropes by Caritia.


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