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Josie and I continue our new tradition!

When Josie joins me in Europe and we finish shooting our films, it’s off for a little cultural and historical packed holiday that culminates with us attending an opera. Prague being our destination on this occasion.

We didn’t get off to a good start as my wallet was stolen from my hand bag as Josie and I jostled to board the Prague bound train.  It was later recovered and returned to me with all of the cash missing but thankfully the debit cards left in place.

We managed to get an upgrade and a complimentary bottle of wine on our second night as the hotel we had booked overlooked our request for twin beds and we had a technician trying to connect the internet for most of our first evening.

Josie was over the moon that we have TWO toilets in our Executive Room and a 24hour Gym & Sauna available.

We had the best view overlooking the city when we took a tour and climbed to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower.

Another highlight for us was taking a tour not too far outside of Prague to visit the Bone Church at Kutná Hora. I was left worried and hoping just for a little while, that Josie was going to return for me, after she had asked me to take a seat inside the Church and wait for her.

No holiday would be complete for us, if we didn’t include a visit to an old cemetery,  so we went and had a visit to the Old Jewish Cemetery.

It’s a pity that I’m not a real beer drinker but the opportunity to have a beer spa (with unlimited beer on tap to drink) was just too much of  a ridiculous and novel opportunity to miss.

We ‘dolled’ ourselves up for a night at the opera to watch ‘Salome’ at the Prague State Opera and of course talking the obligatory selfies in the process.

Prague, you are a truly beautiful and magical city, we had a great time.


Feeling posh, having two toilets in our hotel room.


Decadent treats.


Complimentary Wine for Two!


24 hour gym but no takers!



On top of the Astronomical Clock Tower.


View from the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower.


Incredible decor! Kutná Hora Bone Church.


Please don’t forget me Josie! Kutná Hora Bone Church.


Old Jewish Cemetery.


Contemplating, in a beer spa!


Cheers, beer spa-ing!


Selfie before ‘Salome’, at Prague State Opera.


Selfie before ‘Salome’ at Prague State Opera!

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