Welcome to the Permission 4 Pleasure frequently asked questions and terms for our video on demand items. If you need support, have any questions not answered here please feel free to contact us

What is VOD? 

VOD is video on demand, we currently use a 3rd party platform (vimeo) to stream our content for you.

How can I pay? 

At this point in time we can only accept paypal payments, you are able to safely enter your credit card/ debt card with paypal. It is one of the worlds most trusted online payment providers. If you are unable to provide payment through paypal please contact us at info@permission4pleasure.com and we will see what our other options are.

How long do I have to watch a film after I buy it? 

At this point in time, you are able to download the film to keep or stream the film, please do so within three days or the password and link can expire. Once you have downloaded the film you can keep it, you are agreeing to ke

Will the download/stream work on my device? 

Vimeo will stream on most contemporary tablets/mobile devices and computers. Please note, that if downloaded the film your device will require a media player to play the file (which most do) If you have any technical issues please let us know

I have a suggestion, who should I tell?

Permission 4 Pleasure is in the early stages of running a video on demand platform for unique erotic content, we’d love your feedback


Legal bit

Terms of Purchase –

Age. You must be over 18 years of age to access this content, buy entering Permisson 4 Pleasure you are agreeing that you are of legal age in your country of residence.

Return policy. In the advent of a defective product/ stream/ download a refund can be issued within 5 days of purchase.

Capturing of Streams. You may not use our films in conjunction with any stream-ripping, stream capture or similar software to record or create a copy of any Product that is presented to you in streaming format.

Sharing. You may not use our films as part of any service for sharing, lending or multi-person use, or for the purpose of any other institution (including, without limitation, libraries), except as specifically permitted and only in the exact manner specified and enabled by us (for example, through “Social Recommendations”).