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Welcome to P4P, we are production company devoted to exploring human sexuality through film.


It's My Birthday and I'll Fly If I Want To - Permission 4 Pleasure

Creative director Morgana Muses is an award winning filmmaker whose body of work draws from her journey from repressed housewife to porn star. Permission 4 Pleasure seeks to depict  truthful representations of sexuality on screen. You can find out more about our films here, stream or download content here or check out more about us here.

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It feels real, and not in that forced way that so much porn does. It’s not trying too hard. In a word: it’s authentic.
We’re proud to get to feature her groundbreaking work in Lust Cinema.
Morgana Muses is a force of nature. She’s the creative director of feminist production company Permission 4 Pleasure, a company that creates beautiful documents of sexual exploration through short film, documentary and experimental formats.
Combining smashed confectionery, deftly filmed orgasms, palpable sexual tension between the stars and much besides, Having My Cake was one of my favorite films of the weekend. You really should watch it.
[Morgana Muses] has been busting stereotypes and taboos about what it means to make and perform in porn ever since
Seeing an older woman enjoy herself like this is rare.

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More about Morgana

Morgana Muses is an age-positive, sex-positive creative director of Permission 4 Pleasure. She shares her journey of sexual exploration to audiences through her award winning shorwebsiteheader2016t films.

Morgana is a first generation Australian born to European parents. Her upbringing focused strongly on how a ‘good woman’ should behave and appear in private and in public, becoming a wife and mother was considered to be the ultimate achievement for a woman. Sex and all related pleasures were never discussed, considered as something to learn and conduct in the confines of a marriage. At the tender age of 47, 2 years after leaving her marriage she decided to embark on her journey of sexual exploration and learning.  Much of Morgana’s work deals with themes of duty, exploring desire and being bound by expectations.  Read the full post here