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Meeting for the first time at Petra Joy's Pre-Premiere Cast Party.

Meeting for the first time at Petra Joy’s Pre-Premiere Cast Party.

I finally had the opportunity to meet Petra Joy in real life…at the Berlin Porn Film Festival. It was a pleasure and honour to be invited to the (S)he Comes Pre Premiere Party…meeting the fabulous cast and attending the premiere with them. We also celebrated the 10th Anniversary of ‘Petra Joy’ and that we both turned 50 this year. Winning the 2012 Petra Joy Award started me on my new journey in life, her ongoing support and encouragement a contributing factor for me being where I am now…in a very exciting, fulfilling and happy time of my life!

Petra invited me to meet up again, this time to her home in the U.K. We spent some time filming an interview with me, and another with the both of us…and the rest of the time, just getting to know each more. I’m looking forward to our meeting again, for personal and work adventures!                                    

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