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My second collaboration with Anna Brownfield…a short feature film exploring a variety of different female focused sexual experience’s and expression, but this time in a light hearted and humorous way while still capturing the passion and intensity.

2014: Selected for Pornfilmfestival Berlin (World Premiere)

2015: Selected for CineKink NYC Film Festival

2015: feminist porn award nomination

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SYNOPSIS:   Can’t get yourself off?  Rebecca is having one of those days! Frustrated, when achieving the elusive Big O was beginning to feel like the Big Agh, she calls on her friends to help her out!

Anna Merc

Anna Brownfield waiting for the performers to arrive on set.


Our fabulous hair and makeup stylist Dana…Daz Fotography










Anna Brownfield and Josie Hess preparing to use our new toy (jib/crane) for the first time!

Editor, DOP and Web Content Manager.








Roses from my beautiful friends…co-performer Jake and his partner Scarlet.











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