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Morgana Muses. Creative Director - Permission4Pleasure.

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Morgana Muses is the age-positive, sex-positive creative director of Permission 4 Pleasure. She shares her journey of sexual exploration with audiences through her award winning films. 

Morgana is a first generation Australian born to European parents. Her upbringing focused strongly on how a ‘good woman’ should behave and appear in private and in public. Becoming a wife and mother was considered to be the ultimate achievement for a woman.

Sex and sexuality were never discussed during her upbringing, they were considered completely taboo. Thus began a twenty year period where Morgana had to stifle the sexual side of herself in favour of being a ‘good woman’ in the eyes of her family.  During her marriage, she experienced twelve years of celibacy until she couldn’t take it any longer.

At the tender age of 47, two years after leaving her marriage Morgana decided to embark on her journey of sexual exploration and learning, breaking out of the role that had been imposed on her.

In 2012 she was the recipient of the Petra Joy Award for first time film makers for her entry ‘Duty Bound’ which detailed her own experience with hiring a male escort. She then collaborated with Anna Brownfield and Sensate Films, having her films screen at Cinekink and at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2013 and 2014.

In 2015 she won best short documentary at Cinekink for her short 'It's My Birthday and I'll Fly if I Want To' which detailed her 50th birthday gift to herself, she also won the 2015 Heart Throb of the Year at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto.

Morgana relocated to Berlin and continues to create avant guard erotica and porn that fights against agism. Including Breathtaking- 2016, Having My Cake 2015, and Ritual + Worship 2017

"I want my films to act as a reminder to myself and others that there is no expiration date on our sexual pleasure". - Morgana Muses

Permission 4 Pleasure is Morgana’s production company specialising in erotic, female based stories and ideas.

You can download stills, logos and more info from the press kit .zip at the top of the page- please contact info@permission4pleasure for additional materials or media enquiries 


2017 Rituals + Worship -  Producer/ Director

2016 The Life of Bi 
2016 MHC official selection

2016 Breathaking Writer / Producer/ Director / Performer
2017: Official Selection Cinekink
2017: Official Selection Failed Films Festival
2016: Premiered at The Roxie - San Francisco - Morgana Muses erotic retrospective
2016: Official selection Fish & Chips festival

2016 Kissing Whip Writer / Producer/ Director

2015 Having My Cake - Writer / Producer/ Director / Performer

2017: Official Selection Cinekink
2016: Screened at PopPorn
2016: Offical selection nachtschatten film fest
2015: Premiered at Berlin Porn Film Festival

2015 I Am Whole. - Writer / Producer/ Director /Performer
2016: Premiered at Cinekink 
2016: Screened at The Roxie - San Francisco - Morgana Muses erotic retrospective

2014 It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly If I Want To - Writer / Producer/ Director
2015: winner best short documentary at Cinekink 2015
2015: Selected for CineKink NYC Film Festival (World Premiere)
2015: Official selection ÉCU Paris.
2015: Official selection Nachtschatten BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival

2014 A Call for Help -  Writer / Producer/ Performer
2014: Selected for Pornfilmfestival Berlin (World Premiere)
2015: Selected for CineKink NYC Film Festival

2013 Music Box - Writer/ Producer/ Performer
2014: Winner ‘Honourable Best Mention’ CineKink NYC Film Festival
2014: Feminist Porn Awards Nominee
2014: Selected for Pornfilmfestival Berlin

2013 New Tricks - Writer/ Producer/ Performer
‘New Tricks’ has been included in Petra Joy’s compilation DVD Her Porn 5

2012 Duty Bound Writer/ Producer/ Performer

2012 First Prize Winner of the Petra Joy Award.
Duty Bound has been included in Petra Joy’s compilation DVD Her Porn 4
2014: Selected for CineKink  NYC Film Festival
2014: Feminist Porn Awards Nominee

Nice things people have said about us:

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Seeing an older woman enjoy herself like this is rare.

Combining smashed confectionery, deftly filmed orgasms, palpable sexual tension between the stars and much besides, Having My Cake was one of my favorite films of the weekend. You really should watch it.

humor occupies an important place in my life, and I realized that sex does not have to be serious, it may also contain a dose of humor. I like to show that I’m 50, I like to eat pastries, I do not have the body of a supermodel, but I spend a good time and I like to laugh. “

At Lust we love all the good things in life that give us pleasure. And the best pleasures are usually quite simple. Like good food and good sex. What more do you need? But if you combine those too? Oh mama!

Now that’s when you get into hallelujah-territory. This week in Lust Cinema is all about pleasure, all about fun, all about having your cake and eating it too. It’s Having My Cake by the amazing Morgana Muses. We’re proud to get to feature her groundbreaking work in Lust Cinema

Erika Lust

So it was gratifying when I recently came across an AUSTRALIAN production, Permission 4 Pleasure, that that not only waves its feminist banner high, but is also genuinely AROUSING.

It's impossible to not appreciate the heartfelt and timely narrative driving these pieces: Morgana's is a refreshing and much needed voice. We're madly in love with everything she has to say, and think you will be too.